Gerald Serrano
Maintenance Director

Jerry Serrano is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with over 30 years’ experience in the maintenance management field, 15 of those in Assisted Living.

He is responsible for the daily operations in Maintenance and Housekeeping. He is also responsible for the safety, preventive maintenance of the community, cleanliness, and first impressions of the Community.

“It is personally rewarding for me to be able to take care of our resident’s needs, sometimes it’s just the little things that I do for them that brightens their day. I chose to work in assisted living because every day is a challenge.  It allows me to make a difference in our resident’s lives. Sometimes families and the residents become overwhelmed with a new move.  I do everything possible to help with the facilitation and ease the transition.

In his spare time Jerry enjoys, working on home improvement projects, restoring antique items such as cars, bicycles, nautical artifacts and spending quality time with his wife, four grown children and five grandchildren.